Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Day... in the Life of Cija

So... this post is going to be a little different than the norm, but at the same time, I am super excited about it!  It was a very normal, uneventful and typical day.  But... something inspired me!   A toilet!!  This toilet to be exact, I ran back inside to use the restroom before we left for school and this is what I saw...  I had to laugh, this is my life, all the pieces are there, they just seem to be somehow, out of place!  And so, I thought... 
"Grab your camera, like you used too, before you made a 
living taking pictures
 and take pictures of your life!" 
 The girls are very independent when it comes to breakfast and with that independence always comes with a MESS!!!  
 The drive to school...  it's a beautiful drive and so relaxing!!
 Except for the 6 kids!!!!
 And the TRAFFIC!!!

 Every morning we have to wait in our cars until there's a teacher on the blacktop.
 Once the kids are out, it's time for Pastor Dave on Grace FM! Perfect timing!
 And another relaxing drive back to Castle Rock.
 First stop of the day?  the Chiropractor!!  SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!

 ABOVE = What I should be doing
BELOW = What I did instead!!

 Coffee for TWO!
Steph's daughter has been home sick for 8 days and I thought she could use a little girlfriend time!  
 We had a great time together...  encouraging one another in the Word,
 Watching some praise and worship videos,
 and sharing recipes!
 1:00 PM - Errand time
 Grocery store #1
Most interesting item on the list?  Smoked Gouda
 Time to check out (ran into a lady from church, not sure of her name... maybe Joann, but we chatted while we waited in line.) And yes, the people in the store though I was super weird!
2:00 PM Starving!!!  (Told ya Steph!)
 So it was off to Chick-fil-a to cash in on my free sandwich! YUM! (Later in the day I had a very interesting conversation with the bag boy at King Soopers, he said that he has NEVER been to
 Chick-fil-a, is that even possible?  Any way, we told me that they sell Chick-fil-A sandwiches in the King Soopers Deli, is that true?  And there is more!  He said that you can get your sandwich with either sour or sweet pickles.  He prefers the sour, just FYI. )
 Grocery Store #2!!
 Grocery Shopping - DONE!  Just in time to pick up the kiddos.  COOL! 
That means help carrying the groceries in the house!  
 15 minutes early to school... means a little reading time for me (the bookmark was made by Ryanne)
OH!!!  I have to show you the pig bush!!  I love the pig bush!!
 I always say "Hi Mr Pig!" when I drive by!
 Just in case you are having trouble seeing it!  Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?!
 Time to put the groceries away, serve up snacks and prep 4 cartons of strawberries.  This is a new thing, a girlfriend inspired me with her ready to go strawberries, this is my 2nd week, we'll see if it sticks 
(but Rod did mention them tonight and how it's easier for him to 
grab them for lunch when they are all ready to go).
 Quick peek at Facebook and Pinterest, Ann was very pinning today!
 and then it's time to edit!
 Oops!  Should have started dinner 53 minutes ago!!
 But there was Zumba!

 and homework too!
 A quick dinner it is!!!
 Grilled Pepperoni, Avocado, Tomato and mozzarella sandwiches! YUM!!
 The girls and I usually do devotions right after school but tonight it was after dinner because of the 4 cartons of strawberries!!  
 Today we were learning about the 9 Eras of the Old Testament!
 Then it was time for jump roping in the kitchen
 Playing on the iPad (she is actually doing the twin's spelling tests, their spelling words are WAY harder than hers, so she has decided she will do both.)
 and checking emails.  
 The dinner dishes will have to wait till tomorrow...
 It's time for a little family time... 

 Then off to bed... "good night prayers"  (picture courtesy of Melia)
 and then a little quiet time of my own. 
followed by the writing of this blog and now...
9:52 PM time to hang with Rod and watch Survivor!

Fun times, it was so much fun to have my camera in my hand all day... and to remember how fun it is to take pictures!  I feel refreshed and inspired!!


Mindi said...

This was the most fun I have had all day! Just virtually watching yours!

Valerie said...

Great post, Cija....makes me think harder the next time Reg calls me when he is traveling & asks how was my day and I answer with one word: "Fine..."

Heather G. said...

Love this Cija! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Almost like I was with you all day, luv that<3

Unknown said...

What a fun post! I might just have to copy this someday!

BTW - who is Heather g!?! (comment above mine). It made me think twice about whether or not I had read this before! ha ha!