Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Say "Hello" to James.  He is 3 weeks old and just buckets of precious!

I think this little butt shot is going to take my Fave of the Day... just look at the piggies!

 Ah.... so Über CUTE!!!! (hmmm... I don't know what my auto-correct just did to uber but it's kinda cute so I am leavin' it!
This is James' big sister... is she just dreamy or what? (Yes, I know this is James' photoshoot, but I couldn't look at that cuteness and NOT take a picture!!! I just couldn't do it!)

 That's it!  I am officially on a hunt for a grown up size basket, I want to sleep all cozy like that!
All little brothers need big sisters to teach them how to play "patty cake"!
 Ah... there's mommy, look how content he looks.
 Well, I am officially booked for June!!   Thanks Guys! And I booked my first "fall" session this morning, welcome to the busy season!

Couple of updates for those of you have partnered with me in praying... 
Adi (2 month baby/open heart surgery) continues to have a very difficult time, they are very concerned about a blood clot forming on the new value, and with how wet her lungs are. 
Tamara (25 yr old/lung transplant) is doing well, but it will be a slow process, she was taken off the heart machine today and has opened her eyes a few times, both of her donors are now home.
Thank you for your faithfulness to pray!

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I looovvvveee! Thank you so much!!