Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kid's Photographer in Parker, CO

Yesterday I met Jacob and his mom on the side of the road for his very special "Tractor" shoot!  In fact, Jacob loves tractors so much that he is having a tractor themed birthday party!!

 He was very excited to see the tractors up close, ya know, in the picture above he looks a little like me at the MAC counter... "Oooo, pretty!!"

 His mom commented that he is pretty serious fella but 
oh my goodness that little smile makes my heart just melt!!

 One of life's mysteries...  
Why to the boys always get the long lashes!??!?!

 Well, I had a good time with Jacob (even though I was later dusted off by a couple of different people in a couple of different places!!)  I hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!

I wanted to take a minute to give you an update on Adi,  this is straight from her mama as of last night.

"Baby girl is in recovery now in the CICU. The site of her is really overwhelming for me. Her color is good but there are a lot of cords, wires, and lines in her. About 9 different medications going into her with a ton of drainage etc coming out. I will post a picture of my sweet princess sometime later. Praise the Lord we are out of surgery and she is still alive… the drs and surgeons are in awe… they cant explain as to why it was so “simple” … no major hiccups… I can tell you why… My God is bigger than medicine. My God made Adi’s heart the way it is and My God will sustain her.

Im a little emotionally drained right now and running on lack of sleep … I will update for the last few days in depth over the course of the next few days… we are not out of the woods yet but the Lord has not sustained us and brought us this far to leave us in the desert."
For more updates you can visit her website at