Friday, May 25, 2012

Children's Photographer in Parker, Colorado

Well, we made it!  It's Friday and a 3 day weekend!!  Right on!
Although, I must say it has felt a little bit like the weekend since Wednesday, since the girlies are home now during the day.  In fact, last night I dragged the whole family with me on my shoot with Ayla and Aidan... I thought the girls would enjoy the park and I would enjoy the car time with my hubby.
The flowers are starting to show up!!  They didn't have a lot but this small section that was in full bloom was absolutely beautiful and the perfect backdrop for this beautiful little girl
 I may have gone a little picture crazy on this post, but I just loved too many of them and couldn't choose and that's when it hit me... it's my blog I can put as many pictures on here as I want too.  
Oh their I go again being all Miss Attitude!
 Yes, I realize that Ayla's eyes are closed but I don't even care... I LOVE IT! In fact it just may be my FAVE of the day!!!  So what do you think about that!
 HeaRt MeLtiNg...  

 I appreciate all of you who have been checking into to see how Adi is doing.  The Lord provided a huge miracle when little Adi survived her surgery and the whole family is so grateful.  

 Yesterday was a difficult day for her, her lungs are very wet and she had to intubated again last night, please continue to pray for her as well as her mommy and daddy.  You can stay up with the latest information by visiting her website it's:
Well... I have many bags of groceries begging to be put away (I hate that part!) so I should go!!  Have a super duper 3 day weekend!!!  and I will see you on the other side!
xoxo, Cija

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