Friday, October 12, 2012

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, Good Morning! It's been a very exciting morning so far.  The plan was to sleep in... the kids don't have school and no one needed to get up... but the phone rang at 7:20 AM, it was my father-in-law the house across the street from them EXPLODED!  It is nothing short of a miracle that everyone in the house survived! My mother-in-law was at a doctor's appointment when the explosion happened so she headed over here to wait until she got the all clear to go home. 

 Earlier in the week I got to meet up with Maggie and Brady.  I took their pictures a couple of years ago.  They are currently living in Tennessee but were here visiting Grandma and Grandpa... how lucky am I that they decided to fit me into their trip!?

 Well... life has me running a little behind schedule, so I need to wrap this up and move on!!
Be back later! Cija

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