Monday, October 29, 2012

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO - My Girls

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I rushed out on the first snow to take picture of my girlies.  I love snow and I love my girlies so it's a perfect pairing.

How is it that Rod and I are so blessed.  Such treasured gifts from God.
God never ceases to amaze me with His grace and overflowing riches... so undeserved.
I spent most of the day pondering the message at church yesterday, our Pastor spoke out of the Book of  Luke about a man with Leprosy who sought Jesus out for healing from his life long sickness.  I was most impressed by the faith of this man, that after years of being sick he was sure that Jesus could and would heal him... I was taken back by the level of faith.  
 and it caused me to ponder my own faith.  I have no doubts when it comes to believing my God is beyond able and that His power knows no bounds but sometimes I doubt that He would extend such power on my behalf.  And yet I have witness the fullness of His love and power when he touched and in an instantly healed Ryanne after being severely hurt in a horse carriage accident.  He demonstrated His love and power for my own daughter and yet I question. How can that be?
 I am grateful that God is so long suffering with me.  I have much to learn.  I want to be like that man full of faith.  Confident in the Lord's sufficiency alone.  
He is my only answer.

 This is such a lost and fallen world and yet the Creator waits like a gentleman for us to accept His gift of Salvation and abundant life in His Son Jesus Christ.  We mock Him, shun Him, replace Him with cheap counterfeits, ignore Him and worship ourselves and our selfish desires 
and yet He waits and longs for each of us.  
Such Love...
Such Wondrous Love...

Do you know...
Jesus Loves You!!

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