Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Photographer In Castle Rock, CO

Happy Monday!!  It's fall break at the Cooksey's this week, so today we headed out to Garden of the Gods for a picnic!  It was absolutely beautiful, the fall color this year so so beautiful and the sky is SOOOO BLUE!

But the fun didn't end there... we stopped for ice cream at Josh and John's and then headed back to the house for a couple of Halloween pictures and in just a few minutes we will be heading out for date night with the girls... I have Sabrina, oh what will we do?!?!
But let's rewind to Thursday when I was with the Jenkin's Family... it was a perfect night for pictures. 

 The image below just might take my "Fave of the Day"  I just love little Ally looking up at Charlie.  
So stinkin' cute!

 Okay and I love this one of Ally and Kristy too...
 and this one with Ally checking me out!  

 Before we wrapped things up we had to get a picture with Ally and her balloon... I mean we did promise!
Well I got run, the clock is ticking!  Until next time!

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