Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

On Saturday... very cold Saturday... I loaded up my family in the car and we headed to Pine Junction, Co for a photoshoot with Amanda and Jeff, thankfully unlike Denver it was dry, cold but dry.
Amanda and Jeff arranged the photo shoot as a gift for Jeff's parents, so... the whole family joined us!!
Even Quattro!!
 I thought Quattro was very cool! (and very well behaved!)

I was so flattered, Amanda tried to book with me last fall (it was a mutual love for a good cupcake that enticed her) but I was booked, imagine my delight when she called me in July to book this fall!!

Well, despite the freezing temperatures I thought the shoot was a big success!!  and Amanda even turned us on to a great restaurant in Pine for dinner.  She was absolutely right about the onion rings!  YUM!!
Okay, I am off... Parent Teacher conferences!!

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