Monday, October 8, 2012

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 It was a very cold weekend for photo shoots!!  But fall means... we shoot, even when it's cold!  And while it may look warm and sunny, it was definitely NOT!!!  See the white stuff on the fence???  That my friend is SNOW!!  Matt and I were quite chilly!!  And his playing guitar didn't help!!  Sometimes I would just pretend I was still taking pictures so I could enjoy the tunes a bit longer!

 Matt is a 2013 Senior at Douglas County High School, he is an aspiring musician and hopes to be a music producer some day.    His favorite band is Nirvana... image my delight when I actually recognized the band!!  I took the liberty to pull out the name of the only guitarist I know... Eddie Van Halen, Yep! I pretty darn sure that Matt thinks "I'm cool!"  
 Okay, it's confession time... I went in for the super cool label and tried to pull out one more guitarist name, so I very cooly asked him is he liked Stevie Ray Vaughan (I really hope he didn't google Stevie Ray Vaughan because I really meant Steve Vai!!!)  Oh boy...

 To be honest I had a super fun time with Matt and he was GREAT in front of the camera!  Made my job really easy!!  AND... Bonus, we made the discovery that his mom was my little Melia's preschool teacher when she was just 3 years old!!  How sweet is that!?!?
alright.... I am off!!!  Until next time!

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