Thursday, October 25, 2012

Children's Photography in Parker, CO - Presley

This sweet girl is Presley and she is 6 months old.  You may have sneaked an early peek of this little pumpkin earlier in the week, but... here are a few more peeks from her shoot on Tuesday morning.
Doesn't she have the sweetest eyes?!?
 So this was the only smile of the day.  Oh the smile... mommies are so attached, but the smile is more rare than common at the 6 month shoot (they tend to show up a bit more often after 8 or 9 months) there is just too much stuff to look at and listen too!
I am perfectly fine with it because look at that FACE (below) these sweet babies have so much more to offer than just the smile.  
 Like this little "Make my Heart Swoon" expression!!  So sweet... so beautiful.
 And then of course there are the PIGGIES!!!  With the tutu and the leaves, I could have just died!!

 Okay, I am off!!! Till next time!

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