Thursday, October 25, 2012

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO - Cat

Ah! an early morning sneak peek!  I had such a hard time choosing Cat's photos for her sneak peek because I just LOVED all of them!!  Time was the only thing that held me back, other wise I would have just kept on adding more and more.
In addition to doing Cat Senior Pictures, we also snapped a couple of her sister, Kirsten and little brother, Charlie.

Cat plays basketball at Valor and plans to play in college as well where she plans to get a minor in PHOTOGRAPHY!! and a major in business!  (Yikes!  I better watch out!  She is coming for my job!!)
 I know... right?!  Seriously cute little boy!!!

 The light for Cat's shoot was AMAZING!!  I had such a good time with Cat and the rest of her peeps, I wanna do it all over again!

 Well, I gotta run... Bible Study this morning and I don't wanna be late!
Be back this afternoon/evening with a sneak peek of my shoot with Presley!
TTFN! Cija

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