Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO - Best Family

I am sliding in with this sneak peek with 2.5 hours to spare!!  Phew! Has it been busy, photo shoots galore, Bronson and Tracie's engagement party and this week is fall break for the girlies, so there is fun to be had! And Rod's brother is visiting from Indiana.

 The rain on Friday forced a reschedule and up until the very last minute I thought the rain would force another reschedule on Saturday, but we had a little break and just long enough to knock out the "Best" shoot!  
 Talk about a couple of cute kids!!!
 I think the one below is my favorite!  Yep... definitely my favorite!
 A close second would be the one of Juli with her kids, so beautiful!

Well, I wish I had the energy to stay and chat a while but I am beat and there is a very handsome fella sitting on the couch that I would love to relax with for a few minutes before bed. So... I am outta here!

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Anonymous said...

They look great! Thanks so much. Can't wait to see the rest. You did a fabulous job - especially given the time constraint with the weather :)