Monday, August 1, 2011

Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, I did it!  I conquered the school supplies and it only took me 3 stores to do it! But there is more!  I also got the 1st day of school outfits and shoes!! It took a mere 7 hours but I gotter done!
Now... let's take a peek back at the weekend, specifically Friday.
Friday was Mark and Pam wedding in beautiful Estes Park and I got to be there to catch the whole day on camera!  First is was time to get ready...

Then it was time for their "1st look".  If I could do our wedding over again, I would have a first look, I think it is the sweetest and most tender moment with just the bride and the groom
(and their favorite photographer of course).

 The view was insane, only God could come up with something so breathe taking.  A girlfriend of my mine was telling me about something she heard in her Bible study, in short it was when something strikes you in nature think of it as God saying "I love you." and respond by saying "I love you, too."  I found myself saying "I love you, too"  a lot that day.

 I have only met Pam and Mark a couple of times but I just think they are neatest couple.  And talk about a small world... Pam actually went to the same elementary school as my girls do, whodah thunk?

 Then it was ceremony time.  They did the coolest rope tying blessing thing, I'm pretty sure those were the exact words they used to describe it in their program.  For example, the Pastor would say "Mark, will you hurt Pam?" and he would reply "I may."  The Pastor would say "Is that your intention?"
"No, it is not." and then the pastor would place a rope over there clasped hands.  In the end when it was all done they tied a knot when they pulled their hands apart.  It was very cool.  You're gonna have to trust me!
 Mark's mom did the scripture reading.

 The reception was at the Twin Owl's Steakhouse on the same property, they had a wonderful sitdown dinner with their family and close friends.

Well, there you have it a little glimpse of Mark and Pam's very special day. 
See you tomorrow!!  Cija
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for being there for us! These look great! I cannot wait to see all the photos.
I hope you enjoyed the evening -
I hope you are well. You and your Husband are really great!
~ pam