Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

This morning I was with Nicolas (I hope I spelt that right the late hour has me questioning myself).  So I have to tell you about this boy.  Now I see and photograph a fair amount of babies, they are all curious but Nicolas was beyond curious, he was fascinated!  I have never seen a baby with such a passion for discovery.  In fact, at first I wandered how I would be able to photograph this baby boy.  He was just zealous in his pursuit to touch, feel and learn about everything around him.  I was equally fascinated with him, I am sure him mom thought I was a little bizarre but I just couldn't stop wondering what his little mind was thinking and what he will grow up to do someday.  I have a feeling he will be down right brilliant!
Nighty Night! Cija

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cija! We had a wonderful time and you did a great job! (I do not think you are bizarre) =) Looking forward to our next photo shoot with you! - A