Monday, September 12, 2011

The Wonder...

Tonight I had an unexpected thing happen on my way home from my shoot with the Gavi family.  Something I want to share.  Today was not a bad day, perhaps a little fuller than some but certainly not a heavy one, it started off at DazBog where I met with Stephanie, a new friend, who shared with tear filled eyes how the Lord had lovingly lead her and her husband to make a new home for themselves in Colorado.  I, too, teared up listening to her testimony of God's leading in such a visible way.  Then it was off to a shoot where I was reminded of the vastness of our Creator and his ability to craft so many unique people (more about that in tomorrow's post), at home I sat around the breakfast table with Aimee and we talked about the God who is coming back someday soon to take us home, to spend eternity with Him.  At lunch time, Anissa and I enjoyed Chick-fil-a and spent a couple of hours sharing our hearts about life and reminded each other about how important it is in this life to "look up" and receive a fresh new vision of Jesus sitting on the throne. Then it was editing, homework, fixing dinner and off to another shoot.  
I was close to home when I saw truly the most vivid rainbow I have ever seen, I was reminded of my recent Bible study that touched on the rainbow, I pulled over and determined to take a picture although I knew my 50mm lens would never do it justice. 

I snapped a few shots and turned to get back in the car, when I saw a cloud resting over the mountains that looked like flames shooting into the sky,

 I glanced to the south, where Pike's Peak was surrounded in clouds of every shade of blue,

 to the north the sky was plum,

 I was completely surrounded and as I watched it became more and more stunning.  I was speechless... "and the glory of the Lord shown round about them." 

 Tears of wonder filled my eyes and slipped down my cheeks.  I wanted to race home and drag my family out to see what I was seeing; I jumped in the car when I turned the key the lyrics on the radio said "Suddenly I am surrounded by the wonder of His beauty... I am wholly surrender to the one who took my place."  I grabbed a pen and napkin to write it down, I didn't want to forget, seconds later I looked up and pulled the car into gear... it was gone, all of it... gone, not a ounce of color anywhere.
Psalms 104:3b He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind. 
Isaiah 19:1 ... See, the Lord rides on a swift cloud...
Nahum 1:3 ... and clouds are the dust of his feet.
(you will have to follow this video to youtube, but it is so worth it!!)


Beth said...

I too stopped on awe of tonight's fabulous skyline. It was as if a rainbow hadn't touched down but chose to lay across a bed of clouds. Glorious. Took some pics as well. . .

Thanks for sharing!

Aimee said...

AMAZING!!! Thank you for stopping and capturing this beauty and sharing