Friday, September 16, 2011

Sketch & Scooey - Senior Picture in Castle Rock, CO

 Last night's shoot was most definitely an adventure.  To be honest, I questioned whether or not it would ever happen, the clouds were thick and the minute I put my car into park it started raining.  By the time Rebekah and her mom had arrived it was just sprinkling so we decided to go for it even though the clouds were looming overhead. 

But in the end the clouds parted and we had lovely weather for her shoot.  Now you know how much I love an adventurous senior and Rebekah was just that!   

 I was tempted to post the pictures of her and her mom trying to get her up in this doorway, it was quite funny but I thought Heidi just may hurt me if I did!!  But just take a moment to let your imagination run wild!!
 The picture below required a little water wading on both our parts! BRRRR!!! that water was freezing!  My little tootsies were numb!  Other pictures raised "hive" concerns but her mom assured her it would be worth it.  Then when we were waist high in grass with bare feet she says "that's the biggest spider I have ever seen"  if it had been any other spider than a daddy long leg that would have been the end of her shoot, Cija would have been running for her car with no turning back. 
 (double click on the one above, the small size just doesn't do it justice!)
 Later we had to walk into thigh high tumble weedy weeds...  Rebekah was a wee bit scared.  What she said was "Oooo this is sketch!"  Now I am not entirely sure if she just flubbed her words or if sketch is the new scary, but I am going with sketch being the new scary because I totally love it.  So from now on you will need to remember that whenever I say sketch I mean scary.  Let's practice, be sure to mark your calendar's for 3 Wishes totally sketch Halloween Photo Day on Saturday, October 22nd!!
 And talk about new fun words, when it was discovered that an ink pen had leaked inside the car cup holder, Heidi announced "Oooo this is all scooey!"  Another word I am choosing to adopt into my everyday vocabulary (spell check will be so happy, I'm already their favorite)!
Oh and I almost forgot to tell you, at one point we were trying to get the creek in the background but the only way we could do it was to cross the turbulent waters to reach the other side.  With only slippery rocks to serve as stepping stones through the deep and rushing water, I was a bit trepidatious.  But finally I was able to summon my courage and take the 1st heroing leap that it required and made it to the other side.  As I took my final step onto solid ground there were shouts of joy and acclimation, it was me, but still I was shouting and clapping, as a matter or fact!!  Well, I hope you have a fun filled weekend!  I will see you on the other side! Siege

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