Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shower Me!!

Yep, I'm still up!!  I just couldn't resist posting a few pictures from Crystal's Shower!
 So, I loved the Izze's, I thought they added a unexpected splash of color and fun! And the Tiffany Blue striped straws?  FABULOUS!  (What's in the water glass?  Blackberries and Cucumber slices)
 The guest of honor, my beautiful niece, Crystal.  She is wearing the white sapphire 
that my mom wore on her wedding day. 

 Gangs all here!  Tracie (my nephew's girlfriend, Tracie, Ry, my mom, Crystal, Crystal's mom and my sister, Wendy and Melia)
 A shout out to Pam and The Bundte Shoppe in Castle Pines!!  Delicious!
White Chocolate Raspberry and Double Chocolate Chip Bunties!!!

 Crystal with her Aunties!!  (We wish Therese, Toni  & Lynn could have been there)

 Crystal with her Grandma

I had such a great time planning this special day for my sweet Crystal, I couldn't be more proud of the beautiful woman she has become and love that Lord has bought Scott into her life, I know He has big plans for them.  I have thought about this day for a very, very long time!
(A big thank you to Vickie for helping with the food and set up, as well as Rod, Aimee, Melia, Sabrina and Ryanne who all rolled up their sleeves and help pull everything together!!

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