Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet Baby Caitlyn

So this is my great niece, Caitlyn.  She is the daughter of my husband's niece Carly and her husband Ryan. She is beautiful. She is precious. She is 8 months old.  She has SMA1.

In my mind, I had imagined I would write some eloquent post, describing what SMA is and where it comes from, but that simply would just take too much time. Time researching and getting my facts straight.  But the one thing, Caitlyn seems to be short on... is time. SMA stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, big words for a genetic disorder that just... SUCKS.  Not a fancy word with deep emotional meaning, maybe it even made some of you wish I had made more of an effort to find a word that was a more lady like to use.  But SMA is not lady like.  In simple words,  Caitlyn's muscles are dying.  Eventually none of them will work anymore, including her lungs.  There is no cure for SMA.

Caitlyn is having surgery tomorrow, she just doesn't have the strength to eat anymore so she is having a feeding tube inserted into her tiny little tummy.  Will you pray for her?

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Ann said...

I will pray for her and her precious family! In God's loving hands...Ann