Friday, September 23, 2011

Maternity Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Yesterday I got to be with Sara, John and Ella.  Sara is pregnant with her second baby who is due in November.  It seems this baby is in a bit of a hurry to make his/her debut' so Sara is taking it easy and reducing the amount of time she is spending on her feet.   I was a HUGE fan of Sara's decorating!!  I was very tempted to take a few pictures of that!  I need a new look, I just might have to copy her, in fact I told her that after the baby comes and she is rested up, I am having her over to have her way with my house!
Well, it should be a fun weekend, shoot tonight and tomorrow but... Rod and I are going to be able to squeeze in some alone time tomorrow afternoon while the girls are with the Bendure's in the Spring celebrating Isabell's birthday.  On Sunday Isabell is being baptized and we are excited to share in her very special day!  Well, I am off. Aimee and I are going to hit Kohl's for a bit of shopping this afternoon. See you soon! Cija

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Sara S. said...

You are amazing, Cija! I love them all! Thank you for such a great experience! And thank you also for the decorating compliments :)