Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Last night I was hangin' out with Oliver! Isn't he just the cutest!  (Yep, that is a mushroom!  Well, I never... it's bigger than Oli's head!)  I felt like I was part of a fairy tale, I expect Little Red Riding Hood to come skipping down the path at any moment. 
 Oliver wasn't entirely sure about having his pictures taken, who could blame him.  I mean all of the sudden on day your mom drives you out into the woods, plops you in a basket and then there is weird camera head person making weird sounds while mom is jumping up and down.  The whole thing must seem a bit odd.
 Ah... but he did like my singing.  The Wheels on the Bus was his favorite, followed closely by Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Kids always like that Wheels on the Bus song, it is definitely a Baby Top 40!
 Oh... I think maybe I hear the garage door!!  That means it DATE time with my hubby!  Yippee!  The kiddo's are off celebrating with Isabell on 10th birthday so Rod and I are going to sneak off for some alone time while they are gone!!  Yep! I was right, he's home! So I am outta here!!

 I'll be back later with my sneak peek from this morning's shoot and my shoot from tonight!
Enjoy your weekend!  Hugs Cija

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