Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Is it bedtime yet?  I got up at a very early hour this morning, to assist a girlfriend on a shoot she was doing of a mere 40 people at 7:15 in the morning!! No thank you!! 
That is 80 eyes that need to be open 
ALL at the SAME TIME!!!
 So what do you think of these handsome boys?!?  
In their jeans and plaid shirts.  
 Toddler shoots are always interesting.  But this shoot had an added point of fun -
 "A Runner and A Not Quite Mobile Yet"
Such fun boys!!!

 And such sweet faces!!!  And look at those little hands!! 
(I almost like them as much of the piggies!!)

 I had to post these two pictures!!!!  These two shots perfectly highlight the 2 year old shoot!!!
Above is "What was THAT?!?!?"
Below... "Ooooo, AIRPLANE!!"
Such FUN!!

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