Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO - Singrin Family

I shouldn't be home right now, but stomach flu attacked my afternoon clients sooo... that means an early sneak peek for Erin and her family and maybe just maybe I have time to clean this mess of a house.  But no promises... there is a 1/2 done puzzle on the table that is screaming for my attention!
 I had a fabulous time with this fabulous family... Nate, Erin, Abby and Carter.  Okay, yes.  I am showing off because I remembered all of their names.  I must take my moments when they come. 

This is Carter... and I LOVE this little face!  He has the bestest boo boo ever.  I feel a little bad that in an effort to produce said boo boo face Nate may have said he ate all the Halloween candy.  In my defense I did just ask him to do his boo boo face but it didn't work... 
that's when Nate called out the big guns. 

And this little beauty is Abby... I just love this picture, such a sweet little expression on her face. 
 And the one below... wins my "Fave of the Day"!! 
Such a precious picture of Erin and her little boy.
Okay, the dirty dishes are haunting me... I am moving on! 
Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

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