Monday, November 5, 2012

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO - Langtry

One more sneak peek tonight and then I am calling it quits, fa-neat-o, finished, all done!! 
(you get the picture - HA!!! Picture!!  I'm killing myself over here!  Clearly I am losing it!)

So after my shoot with the Anderson's I had a turbo, super quick, ultra-mini shoot with Lucy and Gus.
 These are the kiddos of my kiddo's teacher and she was sick on the Halloween Photo Day so we took 15 minutes to snap a few shots for her.

 Love that smile!

 Okay, I am done...  be back soon!!  It's a busy week, families, a high school senior and a cutie pattootie coming all the way from Kansas!!  Nighty Night!

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