Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Rushing to get one final sneak peek in before my vacation time begins!  This afternoon I was with Shelly, Jordan and Vryce.  Well, actually his name is Bryce but he will always be Vryce to me. 
 This weather is cah-razy!!! I was inside all day, editing to the point of being cross-eyed but WOW!!!  It was just a beautiful day!  
 Don't ya just love their matching scarves?  Shelly made them!!
How fun is that?  And she actually kept them, I knitted hats for the girls a couple of years ago and then thru them away a few months later... 
I don't know why I do that, just not very sentimental about stuff I guess.
 Vryce's walking stick cracks me up, can I just say that EVERY boy plays with a stick, 
never the girls always the boys (I hold a lot of sticks while taking pictures!)
 Ah... Boys will be Boys, there is always a little time of wrestling!

 Okay, it's official, I am running out of gas... I must sign off, finish up one more order and get to bed!!
I will be on vacation until next Monday, so I wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


JenericFN said...

Can I just say I am SO EXCITED for next week! I love seeing all of these Castle Pines photos, and finally you have one of a mom and two boys. Yippee! (I may have to rethink clothes though, this weather is crazy!)

Shelley said...

Fantastic photos! The lighting is incredible and you captured the spirit of those boys!