Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Pictures in Castle Rock, CO - Pham

Happy Monday!!!  I thought it was supposed to be warm today, not because I have watched the news or checked the weather, it was just an assumption... so I opened all my windows this morning, trying to beat the afternoon heat and can I just say... "It's FREEZING in here!"
But it was lovely Saturday afternoon when I met up with the Pham Family.  May I take a moment to show off that I remember all of their names?!
 John, Leslie, Trent, Jake and Ella!
 Isn't see a pretty little PRINCESS!!!
Love the one below... Ella wasn't leaving her dad's side, I love photos that capture these precious moments in time... so sweet!
 and such handsome boys!!!

 Leslie currently hold the "Cija LOVES your outfits" award... oh yes, there is an award!  I place of honor on my desktop! LOVE these two colors together!!
Make me want to redo a ROOM!! That's right a whole room!

And then the sun went down...

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Unknown said...

LOVE that last picture Cija! Breath taking with the sun!