Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kid's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

One day this week (the days are running together) I was with 3 of my most favoritist kids!!!
Andrew... Adam and Elizabeth
The picture above is my absolute favorite!  
I love it so much I may just print it and hang it on my own wall!!
We did a combo shoot all 3 kiddos plus a few extra of Adam to celebrate his 7 years!
I love taking his pictures he is always so suave!!

I have to admit I really love the "Diner Shot" below too!

 I'm afraid I can't linger, it is 10:30 PM and I still have a number of things
 to do before I can sneak off to bed. 

I am booked for the rest of 2012, but I am booking for January and February!!  Now is the time to schedule your Valentine Boudoir Sessions!!!  Don't be nervous we will have the best time ever!!  I promise!  Just ask any of my Boudoir Babes!!

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Unknown said...

Oh these kids are just the cutest!!! Love that first pic!!!