Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO - O'Brein

On Thursday, I had back to back shoots.

Shoot #1 was with the Robin and her fabulous family!! I am very nervous about trying to remember all the names,  you all know how great I am with names!!!
 I know these lovely ladies are Madison and Isabell...

 and I think.... this is Cole.  Oh man, I'm not sure!!  It's the two youngest kids that are throwin' me!!

 Pretty sure, this little cutie is Emma.  How can I blank out so bad when it comes to names!!! 
 It's re-donk-clue-lus!!!

 Well, it's not because I don't care!!!  I had a really great time with this family and was just tickled pink to meet them!!!
I must press on, The Star Lighting is tonight and I have a shoot at 3:00 so I need to keep up the pace!!!
Be back soon!!!

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