Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Photography in Castle Rock, Colorado

 Happy Friday!!!  Do you have big plans?  We do and I am so excited!  We tried to think up somewhere to go but in the end we decided to have a fun night at home.  In just about 15 minutes the kids will be banished from the house, Matt is going to prepare a Hawaiian themed dinner while Aimee and I decorate Aloha style!!  After dinner, the kids will get there suits on and head outside for a fun and ultra messy activity that includes, 6 cans of whipped cream, 6 bottles of chocolate sauce, 4 giant bags of marshmellows, fruity pebbles, 15 cans of silly string and water balloons!!!  
 After everyone is cleaned up it's jammy time and "Soul Surfer" on beach towels in the family room!  I can't wait, there should be lots of smiles and tons on laughter!!
 So, yesterday I got to spend the morning with Amelia, she is 3 months old and simply beautiful!  So sweet and yummilicious!  Just look at those tootsies!  They were moving a mile a minute!

 Oh my goodness!!!  The cuteness is overwhelming!!!

We really lucked out...  we had just finished, Leslie scooped Amelia up out of the basket and the sprinklers came on!!!  I do not think Amelia would have been too happy with us!!  And lucky for you Amelia's mom and dad are taking advantage of the milestones package so we will get to see her again at 6, 9 & 12 months!!  Yippee!!!  Okay, I am off to create a Hawaiian paradise!   See you next week! Cija

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