Sunday, August 28, 2011

Senior Pictures In Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello!!!  Fancy me here on a Sunday night!  Yesterday I was at Summerfest all the live long day and I just couldn't make Meredith wait another day to see her sneak peek from Friday night.  So, here I am on a Sunday.  I really enjoyed my time with Meredith, she was super low key and by the end of her shoot I think I had won her over, she said that she wasn't really that excited about having her pictures done but that it really was fun (that made me super happy!!).  Well, I gotta run, time to get the kiddos off to bed for the night.  I'll see you again on Tuesday!!  Cija


Unknown said...

All I can say is (besides great pictures!) I wish I looked like this when I was a senior! How come teens look so much better these days!?!

3 Wishes Photography said...