Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Fun and A Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday Rod and I took the twins to the dentist, both needed to get a filling.  Rod stayed with Sabrina and I hung with Ryanne.  Things were going pretty smoothly, the dentist was nice and used words like "lollipops, "sugar bugs" and "bug squirter" to put their minds at ease and it appeared to be working.  They were in chairs next to each other so I could easily see what was going on with both of them at the same time.  Sabrina went first, the dentist told her to raise her hand if anything started to feel "ouchy".  She made it through with zero ouchiness.  Next it was Ryanne's turn.  I was sitting in a chair near her feet but she was still outside my reach, I showed her pictures of cute animals in the National Geographic in an effort to distract her from what was going on.  She was given the same instructions and the drilling began, my eyes were fixed on  her hand, the slightest move and I was ready to shout.  We were several seconds in, when her hand went up, I glanced at her face and saw that her eyes were wide with fear.  I jumped to my feet, rushed to her side, held her hand in one hand and stroked her hair with the other.  The dentist tried to reassure her and promised that he was almost done.  I let go of her hand so that she could raise it again if she needed too, but kept on stroking her hair,  again her hand went up, I grabbed ahold of it again and tried to comfort her with my words. "Mommy's here.  You're doing such a good job, you are such a brave little girl."  Finally he was finished and now the assistant would just need to fill the recently drilled hole, the worst part was over.  The dentist and assistant traded places and I stepped back to make my way back to my chair in the corner and out of the way.  As I turned to leave, Ryanne grabbed my hand and held on with all her might. That moment, when she reached out for me and grabbed on for strength, help and comfort, well... it was the best feeling ever.  The perfect rush, to be needed and wanted and I was overjoyed to be her champion, I even held the suction thing and helped her figure out how to move her tongue out of the way and she never let go, her eyes were fixed on me looking to me for strength and reassurance to hold on till it was over.

As I sat there experiencing such a precious feeling I couldn't help but wonder if this might be what Jesus feels like when we reach out and grab his hand when we fix our eyes on Him and look to him for strength, comfort and instruction.  It makes me smile to think I might have this same effect on my Savior when I reach out for Him.   Makes me want to reach out for him all the more.

Now... let's get crazy!  Friday night we had a fun movie night at home.  I mentioned our plans in the last blog but here are some pictures from the fun!!
 Our beach themed table!
 Precious little Mia!!
 6 cans of whipped cream!!  6 bottles of chocolate & strawberry sauce!  Super sized bag of Fruity Pebbles (sprinkles) and 4 bags of marshmellows!!!
 5 crazy kids!!!  Reaction?  "Mom!!!  This is the best day EVER!!!"

 Next is was time to hose off!!

The clean up crew!!!   We ended the evening with laying on our beach towels and watching "Soul Surfer".  Too much fun!!