Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 I'm back!!  This time with precious, cuddly Colton.  What a sweet little boy.  He was just dreamy to work with.  
 I mean come on... seriously?  This is how I spend my days, I must be the luckiest girl around.  
 I think this is how all babies should nap... just plop their cuteness in a basket with a cozy blanket next to the fireplace and ENJOY!

 Jenna got this snuggly bunny pillow and blanket from her mom I believe, made ya wanna just cuddle up with him, so soft and quishable!  Doesn't he look precious holding on to his wittle bunny. 
 Ah... that's Colton's beautiful mommy, I remember those days some of the best life has to offer.

So here Colton is striking a pose with daddy's gun belt.  It was between the elk skin and the gun, Jenna was having no part of the dead animal skin and was not overly excited about the gun belt either but I thought it would be very cute.  Well, enjoy... I am off to get Amelia's sneak peek ready for tomorrow.  Until next time.  Cija


Jenna K said...

Cija, these pictures are so beautiful I cried when I saw them. Thank you for capturing my amazing little boy in such a perfect way! We couldnt be happier! -Jenna and Mike

Tina said...

"Perfection" comes to mind! I can't stop smiling!