Friday, August 19, 2011

Senior Pictures in Littleton, CO

Hey there!  Happy Friday!  Pretty low key around here today, carpool, cleaning, project runway and later tonight another Senior session.  Yesterday I met up with Connor, a 2012 Senior at Littleton High School!  Connor had a long list of sports that he has been involved in over the years, soccer, basketball etc. and next year he thinks he will start pursuing an engineering degree but where? is still up in the air.  My favorite thing about Connor... his knock out smile!!  Maybe he should pursue a career in politics, I would believe anything he told me!!  

Oh!!  Before I go, I just hafta tell you what happened.  A few weeks ago, Melia asked for a pair of flippers (the kind you wear at the pool... hmm, is there a different kind?)  Anywho, I explained that we just didn't have the extra money right now and that she would have to put them on her Christmas list.  She objected and explained that they would be down right useless in December (she had a point), but so did I, we simply didn't have the extra money.  So I suggested that she pray about it, and trust that if it was the Lord's will for her to have them now, He would provide a way to get the flippers in a more timely manner.  She did and that was the end of it.  So yesterday my gal pal Lack-weeze stopped by with some hand me down clothes and guess what was in the bottom of the bag?  You guessed it! Flippers!    Now I am certainly not condoning a "name it and claim it" theology but I do love a God that loves us enough to lavish us with unexpected and personal gifts along the way.  

Well, I hope your weekend is GrOoVy!!  Cija

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