Saturday, August 20, 2011

Senior Pictures in Denver, CO

 Can I just say this MAC is killin' me!!!  So I have been limping through for what, 2 weeks now, trying to master all the little difference, well... we had to download the new operating system, Rod started the process but never quite finished, so I decided to finish it up last night and now... the mouse moves in a different direction!  Oh for the love of pizza!  Sorry just a little Saturday morning rant.

 But let's back up to last night shall we.  This is Michael.  Michael is the oldest son of my old I mean former boss, Dean (Jackie Chan for those of you who regularly read my blog).  I started working for Dean before he was married, so it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that he has a son who is Senior this year.   Michael is a Senior or Cherry Creek Highschool and plays lacrosses and soccer, hmm... we didn't talk about his plans for next year, but I am going to venture a guess that he plans to attend CU Boulder,
 just a hunch.

 The weather was playin' with us, just as we pulled in the parking lot it began to pour!  But we decided to try and wait it out and true to  Colorado form the clouds parted and we were able to move ahead.

 I remember when Michael came to the office to Trick-or-Treat in the cutest little Dinosaur costume, he was such a cute little reptile!!  Carryin' his little orange pumpkin...

Well, it sounds like we are going to engage in a little morning Nertz competition so I am off!!  Later this afternoon I will be a Randy and Tammy wedding!!!  Should be a fun day!  Until next time. Cija


Anonymous said...

Wow - great job!! Michael loves them as does Joan. You are really talented - though I am not surprised....You always excel at what you put your mind to.! Dean

Anonymous said...

Wow – they’re great! I really do love all the settings. I think the colors turned out good, and I cannot wait to see all the rest. It’s going to be tough to pick some.

I really do appreciate your time in waiting through the rain and making this happen; thanks again for fitting us in and have a great weekend.