Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simply Random - "A Frog and Love letters from God at the local Walmart"

 This is one of those posts that I am so excited about, but I know that I will never be able to do it justice.   So last night, Aimee and I were getting ready to go to Walmart, life was particularly heavy and she  needed some time away and I needed to grocery shop.  On our way out the door, Aimee's son, Matthew caught a frog and I was so excited to take a picture of it, I just love getting to see God's creativity up close and personal.  Can I just say that I was totally freaked out taking this picture, if he would have jumped I would have totally lost it!!  Thankfully he was a "prince".   (I never knew that frog lips were puckered... the whole kiss the frog thing makes so much more sense now!!)
 I snapped a few pictures and we were on our way, it was quiet at first.  I was nervously singing with the radio and Aimee was looking out the window, I tried talking about the weather (seriously, Cija??? the weather??  LAME!) but it was clear that her heart was heavy and the tears came.  We spent the next 30 or so minutes sitting in the Walmart parking lot talking about life and God.  About how sometimes we get caught in the trap of trying so hard to get it right and learn our lessons quickly in hopes that we will earn our  divine rescue.   Aimee's heart needed to be reminded of how much her Savior loves her, that He never wastes a moment of our pain and that when we turn our focus to Him  our fears and anxieties begin to slip away.  We spent some time just basking in His crazy love for us and then prayed together.  (It's was awesome!)  As we were getting out of the car, Aimee commented that she needed to...  
I said "You just need to relax in your Savior for a while".
We grabbed a cart and made our way to the pet section to grab some dog food, as we walked by the books I asked Aimee if she had ever read the book Captivating (such a wonderful read, ladies), when she said no, I dragged her over to see if they had it.  No luck, but they did have another book that I have heard great things about, "Jesus Calling".  I wasn't even sure what the book was about, but a quick browse reveal that it is a daily devotional.  
"What's the date?  I'm always curious to see what a devotional has to say on a specific day?"
"August 10th", Aimee replied
She grabbed a copy and we both flipped to the August 10th entry.  
"Relax in His Healing" 
 YEP! that was the title!  We both stood there in shock reading a beautiful love letter that God placed in Walmart for his precious Aimee to find.  
That is why I believe!!  


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff honey!

Unknown said...

Wow! I don't even have anything else to say except wow! He is AMAZING isn't He!?! Thank you for sharing. God's love for us is so unfathomable! He'll use a book at Walmart to get our attention won't he. Tears right now reading this. Thank yoU!

Unknown said...

btw - I'm so happy I can post on your blog again. For the last few months I haven't been able to!

3 Wishes Photography said...

I have missed my main commenter!!! Good to have your back!