Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Fun

My shoot tonight got rained out : (  so I decided to take a break from the norm and do a fun post.  It's hard to image that school starts next week!!   Kids start so stinkin' early these days, I miss the days of starting school after Labor day, but anywho... in light of summer vacation coming to an end we decided to celebrate our final days free of homework!  Yesterday we took the kids on a photo scavenger hunt.  Here are just a few of the many pictures we took!!
 We had two teams. 
Team #1 Matthew, Sabrina, Emily and Megan. 
Driver - Matt
Photographer - Aimee
Team #2 Melia, Ryanne, Isabel and Cara.
Driver & Photographer - Cija

Find a price tag for $59.99 (by the way, what in the world kind of dog food is $59.99?!?!?
 With a Firetruck
Come on Team #1... really?!?!
A toy firetruck, surely you can do better than that!
Team #2 even scored a firefighter (they practiced their puppy dog eyes in the car, very effective!)
 Wearing hats!!
 With Hello Kitty...
 Holding a bowling ball.
 At "Home Plate"
 Reading Magazines (had to include People, Sports Illustrated and a Wedding magazine)
 Wearing Masks. (Matt is wearing a gift bag!!!)
 Holding an American Girl Doll
(enjoy it ladies at over a $100 each, these will likely be the only one's you ever hold!!
 Throwing a coin in a fountain.
 Spritzing yourself with perfume.
 In a pyramid. 
Team #1 had a special appearance from Mia and
Team #2 found some willing participants in the mall.
 In a Race Car.
 Sitting on a saddle.
 Going down a slide.
 With a Rainbow Sucker.
 Wearing Men's Suits
 Upside Down
There were more pictures but these were just a few of my favorites.  Ultimately Team #1 took the victory by completing 27 of 29 images.  They missed the Security Guard (the S.G.'s at Park Meadow's are quite grumpy and are not allowed to be photographed) and the piano (hmm... what happened to the piano at Nordstroms?)  Team 2 was short 6 images but should get extra points for having a real firetruck, a fireman, real bowling balls and a real homeplate right?! 
Our fun afternoon was topped off with a trip to dairy queen for frozen treats!!! 
Thanks Rosie for hookin' us up!! 
Well, that's it for today!! 
Until next time!! Cija


Emily Winter said...

I love this thank you for sharing how FUN!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon - FUN and creative. Wish I could have taken part. Good job Team #1! (But I agree Team #2 deserves extra credit for the extra effort.) --Dawn Cromwell