Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Photographer In Lone Tree, Co

 I know what you are thinking...  "Precious.  Positively Precious!!"  Yep, she is!  So stinkin' CUTE!!!  This is Stella and she is 1 year old!  This was the last of her Milestone Photos... BOO!!!
 Stella's mom said that she is going through a phase where she is not quite walking and not to crazy about being set down, so we decided that I would come to her house, the place where she is the most happy.  I just love that little squinty face!!
 Oh man!!  I just couldn't help myself!!  It's just too cute and all us moms need to know that all your kids pick their noses from time to time!!  
We must stand up, united and determine that it will not define us as mothers!!
 Stella loved playing with this apple!!  Erin and Grandma thought maybe it felt good on her tender gums.  Again... just so stinkin' cute!!!

Well, I truly enjoyed my time with little Stella, she is such a sweet baby girl!  

For those of you who have been praying for our Great Niece, Caitlyn I wanted to give you an update.  The doctor's determined that she was now strong enough to undergo surgery for the placement of her feeding tube.  She had the surgery early today and did just great and the best news of all was that she came right off the ventilator after surgery.  Praise the Lord!!  Thank you for all your prayers!  You can now follow Caitlyn's story at
Until next time, Cija

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