Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scott & Crystal's Wedding

Yesterday was my niece's wedding.  I was so excited.  It could have been my own daughter's wedding.  Crystal and I have been close her entire life and I have so many precious memories.  Shopping for Easter dresses every year, we had a rule... we never ever looked at price tags.  A rule I only regretted once... Oh BeBe's!!! Halloween slumber parties, picking her up from school in one of our Corvette's (yes, we had more than one;  we were D.I.N.K.s through and through... now I have a minivan with 170K miles on it, times have certainly changed.)  Freezing at track meets (oh Wendy, do you remember how we cheered her on to finish when she fell doing the hurdles?  Literally makes me tear up just thinking about it), taking pictures, coloring her hair, and most recently growing in our walks with the Lord together.  I am truly blessed to have shared such a sweet relationship with Crystal.
 I was not the "official photographer" yesterday.  Scott and Crystal wanted me to be able to sit back and enjoy the wedding, but I found that the only way I could fully enjoy it was to capture what I saw on my camera.  I struggled at times not being able to get a shot I so desperately wanted (I can still see her striking a pose over that balcony) but it was nice to not be stressed about missing something.  
 Melia was very excited to be a Jr. Bridesmaid and even more excited to be wearing a pair of pretty blue heels.  Aunt Wendy (Crystal's mom) made the girl's dresses.

 It was time to get dressed... there were a lot of buttons!!!  We had to take it in shifts!
 Crystal looks so happy!!
 Zach puttin' on the finishing touches.
 It snowed.  Of course it was to be an outdoor wedding but the snow did not get us down, we easily transitioned to inside and had a beautiful view of the Boulder Valley covered in a fresh blanket of snow. 
 Crystal was truly a stunning bride.  Her mom played a huge roll in the wedding and you can see her fingerprints through out.  In addition to making my girl's dresses she made the guy's ties, picked out the bouquets, made the centerpieces, the corsages and the unity candle, I am sure there is more that I am not thinking of right now.  But I thought it was so special that Wendy got to play such a big role in such a special day. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures of Scott and Crystal together, I got shooed away by the "real" photographer... BOO!!
 Scott and Crystal's first look (I had to sneak these from downstairs).  Well, not really, they saw each other earlier in the day when they prayed together and asked God to bless their marriage and to be in the details of their special day.  I love that!

 Every one had fun decorating their glasses for Scott and Crystal to keep.  There was one mishap when the pen Melia was using exploded all over Melia's dress (red) just before the ceremony.  YIKES!!  but we managed to get most of it out. 
 I just love this picture of Crystal!!
 Oh cakes, were incredible!!!  Each person had their very own cake!  And each one was different!! I am looking forward to having the rest of mine this evening!!!
 Crystal's tall, dark and handsome.  I just love Scott so much and am so happy to call him my nephew.  We have had some great talks and in the months since he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, he has grown into a man who's heart chases after that of Christ, he will be a wonderful husband to Crystal. 
 That's Pastor Dan...  Pastor Brian was stuck in Africa, so Pastor Dan step in to preform the ceremony.  His wife told me this morning that it was his very first wedding... you would have never known.  He did a great job and the message was beautiful.  Thanks Pastor Dan!!
 I love the picture above...  Crystal's dad (Glen is wiping his tears) or scratching his nose, I really can't be sure, but I am going with wiping his tears... that's so much sweeter.

 After the wedding it was time for the reception, the food was D-E-Licious!!!  These little yummy treats were filled with cream cheese and mushrooms... amazing!
 These were yummy mashed potatoes, there was also fresh mozzarella with pesto and filet wrapped in bacon.  YUM!!!
 This is my sister, Wendy's family.  Her husband, Glen (of a really long time... they got married in 1978, you'll have to do the math, I am too pooped), Crystal, Scott and her son, Bronson with his precious girlfriend, Tracie. 
 Can you see Bronson and Tracie smooching' upside down?!?!
 Bronson and his wedding wishes...

Then it was time to go... off to Hawaii!!

To see even more picture of Crystal and Scott's wedding click on the following link.


DisMom said...

Great pictures, Cija! It was such a fun day and you did a great job capturing it!

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!! They are beautiful! Glen and I cried all over again!