Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Photographer In Castle Rock, Co

 So this is Martha and her beautiful family.  Martha and I met in the church youth group when we were in high school... years later we reconnected on Facebook. 
 This is her oldest daughter, Mandy, she looks a bit like Taylor Swift don'tcha think?!?
So stinkin' photogenic, there wasn't a bad picture of her in the whole shoot!!

 This sweet girl is Abby.  She is the actress of the family, she has had roles in Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderful, just to name a few.  
 Okay, you may think I am weird but... I just love the way they are holding hands.  You can see how the years have made them so comfortable with one another LOVE IT!!  
(That's Mitch by the way, Martha's hubby!!)
 And this little guy is Matt.  He was very interested in hunting' for deer... so cute!!  
I just wanted to squish 'em!!
 The pic below of Mitch and "Marf" gets my "FAVE of the Day"!  
I love absolutely everything about it!!

Well, it's time I head off to bed.  Tomorrow will be a long day of ghosts and goblins coming to get their Halloween pictures taken and then I off to met up with the Lane's for their family shoot.  
Until next time!!  Cija

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cija!
I got my tears and my art! Loved them all!! Especially our hand holding love one! That is going over my bed!!!