Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Photographer In Castle Rock, Co

I am little distracted...  I just sent the entire day at the Spa.  The Copperfalls Aveda Spa to be exact.  I was the very fortunate benefactor of Aimee and Matt's anniversary.  Matt is out of town, working in Lousiana, so he planned a day at the spa for his beautiful bride AND thought to send a friend along with her.  I WAS THE FRIEND!!  I am a very happy friend.  I have never spent the day at the spa before, I am a fan.  A Big Fan!!  I have decided that I need a towel warmer in my family room, what a wonderful thing!  I am not sure how long the spa induced coma will last and I wonder if I have any chance staying awake at church tonight!  No offense Pastor Brian!!

But back to the reason I am here in the first place.  The Pfaff family.  We hung out last night.  Don't they have the sweetest girls ever?  Kate, Claire and Stella... precious.  I always enjoy my time with this family, Erin is a bright spot in my little world and one of my favorite lunch dates (speaking of which, "Erin! We need to do lunch!"  You have me hooked on that salad at The White Chocolate Grill.  

Well, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek, I am off to get ready for church. See you soon! Cija

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