Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Photographer in Lone Tree, Colorado

 So... this is my 400th post!!  That seems somewhat note worthy!  Okay, that is all I have to say about that. This is the Kinder family.  I enjoyed my time with them very much, just an easy going group of people to hang out with.  Except I kept calling both girls by one name, I would tell you that name but for the life of my I can figure out how you spell Kenzy.  Poor Zoe, she was simply known as Kenzy #2.  
 I love this picture of the real Kenzy (I know I must be spelling that wrong but we are just going to accept my short comings and let it go, Okay? Okay.)  the blue sky was reflecting so beautifully in the water behind her.  
 Zoe had this spunky little personality that I just fell in love with, I suppose her free spirit reminded me of  my little Sabrina.
 Ah... Bob and Kelly such a cute couple and fun to photograph!

 Love the feet, you know me, I always love the feet!!

 Love this one in the Rose garden too, I love how Kelly has her hand on Bob's face.  There is simply nothing more romantic than a kiss that includes a hand on the face... nothing!  
Well, that does it for the sneak peek of the Kinder family.  I hope you enjoyed it!  I must go to bed now, we have to be to school early for parent teacher conferences.  I will be back with tomorrow or Thursday with another sneak peek!!  Until then! Cija

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