Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Photography in Denver, CO

 Meet the Ware Family.  We spent Friday evening together.  Man, I am lovin' these fall evenings!!  I actually got my Halloween decorations up this weekend (thanks Rod!) which makes me very happy!  I just love the family picture above!!  I think I will go ahead and award this picture my fave of the day, a close second is Mr. Man sittin' on his mama's lap!!  (and how do you turn the auto spell correct off???  it is change all my fun spelling and it's tickin' me off!!)

 I was lovin' the little butt crack shot too!  I have the best B.C. shot of Melia when she was about 4, it hangs proudly above my TV in the family room!! This is only cute at this age!!!  Might I take a moment?  We all think it is gross when plumbers have B.C. but it is just as gross my lady friends (and teenage friends) when your low rise jeans give way (be it bending over to get something out of your stroller or to reach for the newest OPI color!!).  This is a plea from all of us, wear your low rise jeans responsibly!!!  

 Ha! Ha!  Check out that sweet baby girl!  She was a big fan of the water!!  Love that little bootie  up in the air!
Well, I must be off, I have several more sneak peeks to try and get up today!  And another shoot tonight.  Until later! Cija

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