Friday, October 21, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock CO

We made it!!  It's Friday!  Lots and lots to do today.  Shoots, editing, shopping, a trip to the bank, and gearing up for tomorrow's Halloween Photo Day!!  (Tomorrow from Noon until 4:00 incase you are interested in stopping by to have  your kiddo's picture taken in their costumes).  

Matt is also coming home for the weekend, a couples night out is on the agenda!!  WooHoo!!!  

But last night I was with Kerrie, Sean and Scarlet.  The weather was amazing, could not have been better!! Scarlet's mom had warned me that she's usually pretty shy... and she was, but I think we made our way through it quite well.  I was head over heels for those pigtails! Some of my very favorite pictures of the day were the totally unscripted photos of them rolling around in the grass.  Love Love love them!
Hope to see lots of you tomorrow at the Halloween Photo day!!!  
Until later, Cija

Okay, quick funny story.  I am sitting at my desk editing and Melia is laying on the couch watching "19 kids and counting".  They are talking about one of the boys entering into a courtship relationship with a young lady he know, they explain the difference between a dating relationship (intimacy before commitment) and a courtship relationship (commitment before intimacy) and went on to talk about how this couple talked about it and have decided that they will not kiss during their courtship.  All of the sudden Melia pops up "Mom?"  I braced myself wondering what type of question this show may have spurred...  "I'm a tanner than Matt?"  Oh bahaha!!!

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