Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Photographer In Castle Rock, Co

 Ummm.... where did the nice weather go?  I should be on my way to meet a family of three but this rain has thrown a monkey wrench in things, so instead I am off to the Library with Aimee to get a movie.  
But before the weather turned yucky and before our car was assaulted by a deer I was with Miles and his mom and dad.  
 Miles and I tried to hang out a couple weeks ago but he was getting some new teeth and wasn't feeling at all well, so we decided it would be best to try again another time. 
 Isn't he handsome??!?!
 I love this picture of Miles and his mommy!! So cute!

Well, the weather was beautiful and the family was beautiful and it was pretty much a perfect shoot!!!  
Hopefully this weather will shape up and we will be back out there again tomorrow.  
Until next time! Cija

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! These look absolutely wonderful! You did an amazing job! Thank you! You are so talented!!