Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maternity Photograher in Denver, Colorado

Today I had an in home shoot with Sadie, Doug & Guy (oh... and Gigi!! She is due in November). Okay, can I just say that I love in home shoots for maternity! I just love the personal feel they give the pictures and Sadie was a maniac!! She was up for anything! I love those kinda girls! and guys! One of my favorite moments of the shoot was when we first added Sadie's husband, Doug. He was wearing a "LIVESTRONG" band and because it was yellow and would stand out in the pictures I wanted to check and make sure that he wanted it on during the shoot. While he decided to take it off, Sadie explained that Doug was a cancer SURVIVOR... and just the thought of it made her tear up. It was so sweet to see her deep connection with him how much she loved him (almost made me tear up, but I immediately began counting the flowers on her lampshade to distract me!! at least she can use her pregnancy as an excuse for being so emotional, what excuse was I going to use!)

Ya gotta love a girl who will pose on her kitchen counter!! Sadie you ROCK!

Ah... I just love these type of photos, no pose, nothing stiff just family... being family! Oh, by the way the chick with the pink bow is Chloe!

Okay, I realize that this picture has absolutely nothing to do with Belly shots, but while I was waiting for Sadie to change clothes I spied this really cool shadow from the back door on the wall leading to her basement. I just had to play with it! I love this shot with the swirl on her shoulder! Sadie! You look amazing!
(This was the "tear up" moment I mentioned before. Oh, there I go again!! One, Two, Three, Four, Five...)

Well I can't wait to meet Gigi in person! Check back in November to see her Newborn Shoot! For more information on scheduling your own shoot visit my website Until next time! Cija

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