Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Photographer in Denver, CO

I am back, but not for long... that rumored Date night is a for sure thing, I am just waiting for Melia to finish her homework and then I am outta here!!

This little doll face is Amelia, and this was her 6 month photo shoot, she,  of course, was showing off her killer sitting up skills!!

Love this face sooo much I had to put it in here twice!

Having trouble picking my fave of the day, really love the 1st one, but these little profile are just too sweet!!  

 Can I just say that Amelia was a trooper!!  It was down right chilly and she was positively perfect!
Okay, that is it for sneak peeks until Thursday, tomorrow is editing all the live long day and then SCIENCE NIGHT!!!
Be back soon!!

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