Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO - Kroger Family

So yesterday morning, I met up with this lovely family... it was 27 degrees (they did not listen to my "dress warm" comments).  It was cold! They were cold.  But in the words of Chris, "It's not about being warm, it's about looking good!"  I will agree with this statement when it comes to family with older kids, BUT this is absolutely NOT true when it comes to families with younger kids, a cold kiddo can make for a very miserable shoot... so I will say it again, "Dress warm!!"

Oh man... I do love this picture of Chris and Nicole.

So I knew I wanted to take a picture that would showcase these beautiful eyes.  I think their eyes are stunning!

 This is the lovely and talented Aubry or maybe it's Aubree, can I just have a disclaimer that says I am very sorry if I misspell your names... there is no disrespect intended.  
My girlies just love her...  "She's so cool!"

 And this is Kate, or Katter's as they seemed to call her.  What a sweet and beautiful young lady. 

I can't help it but I am a little distracted.  Melia got sick (the really gross kind, I don't even like to say it aloud) at church this morning.  Now all I can picture is it spreading thru the house and making our Thanksgiving... yucky.  I am still recovering from the winter of 2007... 6 weeks of you know what.  It was horrible, I felt like there was a giant swirling green cloud over our house.

Okay, I am snapping out of it.  I hope you enjoy Chris and Nicole's pictures...
 I had the best time taking them!  

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