Friday, November 11, 2011

Children's Photographer in Denver - Guy & Gigi

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Sadie and her sweet cherubs, Guy and Gigi.  We met at Sadie's mom's house to take the photos.  At one point I was laying in a pile of leaves hangin' out with Guy while Sadie was tending to Gigi (she wasn't feeling all that great yesterday).  Any who, while laying there I glanced across the street and saw these two giant gold doors, the entry way to the neighbor's house.   Wow! those were some very impressive doors at least 2 stories tall and all gold and shiny.  You would think doors like that would lead someplace grand someplace extraordinary, certainly not a family home.  
Those doors have stuck with me.  The Cooksey's have been waiting... waiting for an open door to come along.  I had been expecting it for so long that I had a picture of what it would like in my head.  It was be easy to recognize and even easier to walk through.
Yesterday, we ran smack dab into that door all unlock and waiting for us... but it didn't look anything like I was expecting.  I felt like Sully in Monster's Inc. "Are you sure that's Boo's door?"  In fact I asked the same question, "Lord, are you sure that's our door?" I thought it would look different!  
I imagine when the shepherd's ran to Bethlehem to see "The King" who had been born, they were surprised by the door that lead to him.  It should have been two stories tall all gold and shiny but instead it was a wooden stable door, worn and tattered from the elements and yet that door, that worn and tattered door led to the greatest gift this world would ever know, Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 
I have no idea what lies behind our door but we will walk through it with great anticipation, looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us behind this door He has opened in front of us.
Now back to Guy and Gigi!!  Seriously?! So cute!

 I thought they were looking quite dapper in their Christmas best!  And I especially LOVED Gigi's hat!!  SO stinkin' cute!
 Well, I must run... I have much to do!  Have a great weekend!

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