Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Photographer in Denver, CO

So on Saturday, I drove out to meet up with Geoff, Trisha and Kylie, as I got closer to Denver, the sky got darker and darker, so dark that I was concerned that I could even get a decent exposure with out a lot of grain and this girl wasn't about to pull out the flash... yuck, me no likey.

We talk for 2-3 minutes and mother nature made the decision for us... it started raining.  Which meant we needed to reschedule to yesterday, which is usually my day off.  Since Rod had orchestra practice I had to take the girls with me but they didn't mind because Nana met us at the park and took them out for ice cream.  
Kylie is 4 and "a half", I have been taking her pictures every 6 months since she was 18 months old.  She has grown up so much and has blossomed into a lovely little lady. 

 In the picture above, Kylie was trying really really hard not to smile... too funny!

 Well, I must be off, I headed over to meet John and Sara's new baby boy!!  I just love a newborn shoot and then later today I will be with the Pfaff family. 
See you soon! Cija

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