Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Photography in Castle Pines, CO

Oh those weathermen, you just can't believe a thing they say...  snow, no snow which is it?!?!  We almost rescheduled this shoot because they promised it would be raining!!  No rain.  Thankfully we decided to push forward and try it anyway.  It was a good decision.
So this is the Pfaff family, I know them from the church we used to attend, I can remember them being there as long as we were there, and that was a long time.  In fact, I was a Jr. High sponsor when Jason and Jeremy were in Jr. High (a very, very young sponsor).  
 Then I got to know Erin when my kid's were in her Sunday School class.  I love her!!!  One of my absolute favorite lunch dates! (for the record this is Jenna not Erin... I should have coordinated my words and my pictures better)
 I can't seem to remember exactly how Jenna and I hooked up, but I love her too!!  She is the perfect friend to share a cup of coffee with AND she let me reorganize her pantry and cupboards one day while I was over, how cool is that!!!
 Put 'em all together and you have one great big happy family!!
 Today, I was with little Amelia (in the freezing cold), her sneak peek will be up tomorrow... but for now it is time to go get the kiddo's at school.  Then... I heard a rumor there just might be a "date night" on the horizon,  Rod and I could use a date night... in the fall, we are like two ships. 
Bye Bye for now!!


juli said...

Love these pictures! Love this family! Love this photographer!

3 Wishes Photography said...

Ah Juli... you are like a breath of fresh air. Miss you.