Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock

So last night I was the Josh, Jennifer, Sam, Maddie & Logan and I loved every minute of it.  They, like us, have a set of twins (Maddie and Sam) and a single (Logan), I believe she said they were 14 months apart (mine are 16 months apart).  I felt like I was transported back in time.  
Life was truly chaotic and absolutely sublime all at the same time!  Diapers coming out of your ears and 3 babies all headed in opposite directions!  

 Maddie was so stinkin' cute in her red coat, ponies and red ribbons, in my mind I planned the most awesome little Red Riding Hood themed birthday party to go with the coat!  (And Sam could be the wolf or the lumberjack depending on his favorite part of the story!!)

 Logan is clearly the "heartbreaker" in the family with those dreamy eyes and white blonde hair!!  He is sure to have lots of little ladies clambering for his attention. 
Oh man... I just love the picture above Maddie is laughing so hard, Logan is all "What?  What just happened?" and Sam is "Whoa... that was crazy!"  (Yep, it had to be done, I had to pull out the champion winning "snort"!!)
 And this handsome man, is Sam... A man of the sky.  He aspires to be a pilot or maybe even an astronaut, clearly another lady's man!!
 The above photo is probably my fave of the day... This is life with 3 under 3! Blissful, unexpected and down right exhausting!!  love, Love, LOVE it!

There were too many of the kiddo's that I just adored but man, I love this picture of Maddie, those precious lashes and sweet berry lips and you can almost feel how soft her hair is!  YUM!
Well, it's time for CARPOOL!!  I am forcing myself to be excited!  
See you tomorrow with Luke and Cade!

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